Saturday, February 1, 2014

Annabelle Turns 10

A day of chai lattes, searching hearts, annual interviews, and ice skating in the town square.  

A few things taken from our annual, birthday interview: 
 Question #2: "What is the most exciting part about being 10?" 
Answer: "Being in double digits.'s like a decade! It's a fun number for a girl." 

Question #3: "In another ten years you'll be 20. What are some things you would like to accomplish between then and now?" (I know what you're thinking, "Take it easy with the intense questions! She's ten years old!" :)) 
Answer: "I want my relationship with God to grow.  I want to reach out to others who don't have friends. And...maybe...(She pauses and we both laugh because we know without words. :))" 

We're going through this book together this year. We read a chapter and discussed the lies we see ourselves so easily believing. It's so amazing how tender this age of hers is. It's so amazing that I still deal with the same things, being almost nine years her senior. 

 It sure is handy to have a cupcake shop connecting to the coffee shop. :) 

Question #6: "Who is someone from the Bible you would really want to be like?"
Answer: "Esther." 
Question #7: "Why?"
Answer: "Because she was willing to serve and honor her authorities. Standing up for what is right...taking a risk to save her people." 

Question #8: "If money wasn't an object, what would you want for your birthday gift?"
Answer: "I've always wanted a golf cart. :)... 
This past Christmas the lord has laid on my heart not to care if I don't get gifts. Just to be okay if I don't get anything. Because so many people don't get gifts. Beside, I have the best gift; I have my family."


Fairly sure I have more laughs with her then any other being on earth. :) 

 She's such a character, I tell you. 

Tis so sweet to have a sister. And though this is already a month past; happiest of year-tens to you, my Anne. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Umbrella Tea Party

Over the past year it's been a delight to co-teach a Sunday School class made up of these vibrant, young ladies. 

I promised them a summer night of togetherness.

And so it was planned.

Only thing was, this past summer it rained what seemed like every day. 

We were hoping it wouldn't (being an out-door tea and all).


We started with a field- photoshoot. 

The words that I will write under each girl's photos are words they used to bless each other with at the end of the night. Each girl was to have a turn and the others go around and say one word that describes the other by way of blessing. I wrote them all down. They got very creative. :) If they don't make sense to you, know that each had a special meaning behind it.

The girls. (minus Jennifer. We missed you!) 


"Kind", "inspiringly energetic", "crazy"....

"Exciting", "loyal", "flower (exotic)", "wisdom"...

"very, very sweet and kind". (Already getting off the "one word" concept. :)) 


"Sensitive", "Timidly-outgoing", "Faithful", 

"Innocence", "Elevator (meaning: sometimes open sometimes closed)" (Did I mention they got creative?), 

"come-alive" ,"butterfly", "Shy and out-going", "Pure"


"Hoot", "fantasticly-awesome-beautimus", "special"

"amazing", "quest for truth", "charisma", "daisy", 

"mine (trustworthy)", " button (can't let go)", "compassionate"

"stylish", "beautiful-rose-by-a-river-in-a-valley" , "sister" 

"song", "joyful, happy, half-sister", "

"jokeful", "jewel", "caring", "train" 


"awesome", "fascinating", "sisterly", "energetic" 

"sweet", "fun-loving", "wellspring", 

"Kind", "loving", "sweet-friend", "soothing", "standing-ovation (firm)", "value", "joy" 


 "creativity", "out-going", "smile" 
"caring", "friendly", "crazy" 
"kindness", "joy", "happiness" 

What girls! I find myself believing that, with all the energy and vision that's contained in this group, they could have serious impact in the Kingdom! It's amazing to see how God is already using them...preparing them. 

Mother gave cake-decorating tips and they all decorated a personal cake. It was an object lesson of purity that we had been discussing in the book we were going through as a class. They were so creative! 

What fun! :) 


To make a long story short (serious condensing here), it rained. I didn't deal with it well, but Mother did. She saved the day with a tarp that kept the tea party dry while it poured and we decorated cakes. After it all slowed down we headed out in the drizzling with umbrellas. :) 

 Julia Ruth (co-teacher), used a cup to remind them of another lesson we've been learning in class: Being women of true value and purity.

Grace isn't apart of the Sunday School class, but she is apart of me, so she joined in the festivities. Here were the words the girls used to describe her: "loving", "social", "relational", "candid", "sweet", "fun-loving", "mature", "sister", "delightful", "exuberant (channeled excitement)", "vivacious". 

 We all went around and said our worst and favorite part about being a woman. :)

"Rain, rain, go away..."
All together with smiles. 

My Co-teacher is such a joy! She taught me when I was in this class! So it was a privilege to teach with her. Here are the words they used to describe here during our "blessing time":

"joyful", "protective", "life-giving", "helpful (second mother)", "happy", "caring", "sweet", "lego (you build me up)", "glue (holds us together)", "safe place". 

And so there was games, hair-braiding, blessings, and driving home. 

I'll be honest; I was discouraged and cried when it felt like the rain ruined our evening. But the Lord, Mother, and Julia Ruth, spurred me on and sweet memories were made all the more because of the rain.

And so it was a summer tea under the clouds. 

I feel privileged to be apart of these women's lives and am excited to see what all the Lord will do with these Daughters of His.  

~Deborah Isabel